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Patented Germ Strain Introduction

● Germ strain AbstractAfter the DNA sequencing comparisons by Food Industry Research and Development Institute (in Taiwan), finding Yang Ming patented probiotics are belong to Bacillus subtilis (B. subtilis) that are similar to laboratory standard strains B. subtilis strain 168 (ATCC:23857) but different. They are the novel strains of B. subtilis.Japanese consumption of natto use Bacillus subtilis with steamed soy beans to process the fermentation that make the fermented food, it is well-known health benefits will generate a lot of nattokinase, especially for cardiovascular health.● Functional Features

    1. Plant resource, has better environmental tolerance.
    2. Fermentation bacteria number is ultra-high, up to 10 of twelfth power (1010~1012).
    3. Autologous produce spores inside, it do not need the crystal ball or embedding technology against gastric acid.
    4. With a variety of proteases, cellulase, amylase can enhance digestion and nutrient absorption.
    5. Live in intestine, secret material to form the biofilm and increase the survival rate of other intestinal probiotics that achieve symbiosis.
    6. Secret the antibacterial material.
    7. Rich a large number of nattokinase, having a significant effect on cardiovascular health.

● Tolerance

1. Acid tolerance
pH2.0 / 3 hrs (stomach acid surroundings), 100% survival rate

2. Bile salt tolerance
Conc. is 0.3% (duodenum surroundings), 96% survival rate

3. High temperature tolerance
70℃/120min, 100% survival rate
100℃/10min, 59% survival rate

*All data are from the reports of Food Industry Research and Development Institute that we entrust them to process these tests.

● Comparison with general Lactobacillus


Yang Ming patented probiotics


General Lactobacillus


Yang Ming patented probiotics cladding itself as spores that can fight against stomach acid, bile salt and digestive enzymes and other ordeals, the survival rate is higher than the general bacteria. Belong to non-spore vegetative cover, to the more than half of the number is eliminated in stomach, therefore other companies have to develop a variety of coating technologies to overcome this problem.

pH tolerance

In acidic or alkaline condition, Yang Ming patented probiotics can be actived in different pH ranges of the bowels , inhibition of harmful bacteria. In acidic or alkaline condition, it has no division, activity, and can’t protect bowel completely or eliminate harmful bacteria.

High heat tolerance

Spore protection! It can’t be metamorphism or lose activity. (so it can be eaten or add to hot milk without lose its activity.). Vegetative bacteria can not tolerance high temperature to above 50 degrees (so the Lactobacillus product must be kept in the fridge).

Pure vegetable

Fermented from vegetable source. Fermented from milk, contain animal fat.

Prebiotic-containing substance

Containing prebiotics let bacteria can multiply so that, it is not just supply of Yang Ming patented probiotics, but also increase the reproduction of probiotics. Without prebiotics, can’t support the reproduction of probiotics.

Soy isoflavones absorbent

Yang Ming patented probiotics can the soy isoflavones into the deglucoside soy isoflavones with are good for human body to absorb. None


Yang Ming patented probiotics can be secreted nattokinase, vitamin K, organic acids, proteolytic enzymes, lipase enzymes and other diverse. None

● 與他牌專利菌比較


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